How to cheat online slot play

Here’s how to cheat online playing slots

As technology develops, many people, especially game players, are curious about how to cheat using online slots. Because this activity is indeed able to provide enormous benefits. So it’s natural that many players are interested in cheating by hacking the online slot game system and other gambling games.
Indeed, not a few players are learning with computer programmers to find out how to cheat on online slot games. Even so, the makers of the online gambling game system also do not want to concede so they must be implementing a fairly tight defense so that no player can do cheating in playing online slots.

Even though cheating is really not recommended, this method can indeed provide enormous benefits to the perpetrators. But what you need to know is that cheating is included in the category of illegal and not in accordance with the terms and procedures agreed upon by players with online gambling agents. So, if you are caught committing fraud or fraud, the agent has the authority to sanction you. One of the sanctions often experienced by players who often cheat is blocked from gambling accounts that are played. Then, is there really a way to cheat playing online slots?

 Sbobet Online Casino

Basically, there are many ways to cheat playing online slots that are not well known to slot players in Indonesia. When viewed from the game graph, online slot games are indeed chosen by many people because they are considered easier to play. Though this game requires a specific strategy and analysis so that it can be won. Indeed, there are many cheats that can be used to win slot games. One of them is to hack or cheat codes.

Online Casino Agent

Where online slot games use code programs, you crack so that when you enter a certain code, you will succeed in winning the game at any time. But winning it fairly will certainly be more challenging and proud, right? In addition, how to cheat playing online slots is not recommended because usually the agent will immediately find out and immediately provide great sanctions to the perpetrators of fraud. For those of you who are curious, the following is a way to cheat in the land slot machine game.


Bill Validator Device

The first way is to use the Bill Validator Device, a small device that is usually included in Slot Games Machines. When the player enters this tool on the slot machine, the machine will check and give credit based on the value of the device you entered.

Yoyo’s tricks

Another cheat method is to tie the rope to the coin and then enter it into Slot Games until the payment is out. If it is successful, the player will take a coin with the paired rope and do it repeatedly.

Pengecilan Coins

The next cheat is to reduce the coins. Nonetheless, this method is somewhat ineffective because slot machine manufacturers now use verification optical sensors that function to prevent fraud by players.

Replacing the Computerized Chip installed on the Slot Machine

How to cheat playing online slots can indeed be done by hacking a computerized system. But on a land slot machine the cheat method that can be done is to replace the computerized chip machine. Based on the information available, there are at least 3 casinos that suffered heavy losses in Macau because of fraudulent players who replaced the computerized chip that was installed on hongkongpools the slot machine.

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